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Imagine the relaxation of a spa, the tranquility of a new-found island paradise, or the beauty of a desert oasis – all in your own backyard!

Quality Craftsmanship goes into every Custom Waterfall creation by Lee Santos. Experience the fine workmanship and artistry that goes into each one of our Custom Waterfalls. Our reputation speaks for itself. Installing Custom Waterfalls for over 12 years, we've mastered the art of creative design techniques resulting in lasting stonework construction.

Once we've installed your Custom Waterfall, you'll now be able to enjoy your pool from the patio, deck, or kitchen table, as your backyard fills with the relaxing sounds of falling water. Your waterfall will help minimize the annoying sound of the pool's filter motor, nearby highway traffic or even a running lawnmower.

Enhance the beauty of your backyard and the value of your new or existing pool and home with a Lee Santos Custom Waterfall!

Lee and his experienced crew specialize in custom-building waterfalls that are designed to fit the size and budget of each customer. Custom waterfalls can be installed anywhere across the greater New York/New Jersey Metro area.
We provide personalized service on every job and cater to the specific needs and life-style of each customer.

“Our goal is to make sure every job is a success, and ensure that by exceeding the customer’s expectations,” says Lee.

Custom waterfalls, spas, grottos or water slides can be added to any new or existing in-ground pool, regardless of its size or shape. We can also provide custom floral or landscape treatments, to further enhance your Custom Waterfall.